SaC Research Featured in the New York Times

Some of our research has recently been featured in an article on sleep in the New York Times.  Well worth a read, especially if you are fond of napping.

“In another study conducted by Simon Durrant, a professor at the University of Lincoln, in England, the amount of time a subject spent in deep sleep during a nap predicted his or her later performance at recalling a short burst of melodic tones. And researchers at the City University of New York found that short naps helped subjects identify more literal and figurative connections between objects than those who simply stayed awake.”

Opportunities in the SaC lab

If you would like to enjoy a night in the SaC, or even just an afternoon nap, please check out our opportunities page where you can see what studies are currently running and volunteer if you would like to.  We also list other opportunities, including for PhD students and research assistants.  If you have any queries about anything lab-related or sleep-related, please don’t hesitate to contact us; details can be found on the contact page.

The new Lincoln SaC lab!

Well, we’re finally up and running!  The lab has been coming to together slowly over the last few months, and we were running our first proper studies here over the summer while still sorting a few things out, but we’re more or less there now, and can officially launch the Lincoln Sleep and Cognition lab, also known as the SaC lab.  So, here’s to many happy hours fast asleep. 😀