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There are essentially two ways to join LiSReC, depending on your level of experience and situation.  You can choose to undertake PhD research, taking advantage of the facilities and expertise of our researchers in this area, or you can join as a research assistant (this option is particularly aimed at University of Lincoln undergraduates, though all applicants are welcome).

PhD Research

We currently welcome applications from talented students who want to undertake a PhD in any area within the broad interests of the Centre.  We have space for up to two PhD students, with further opportunities likely to arise in the future.

If you are interested in undertaking PhD research in the lab, please contact Dr Simon Durrant, at, with a statement of your interests and experience, and preferably a CV.  You are also strongly advised to look at the official pages for the Schools of Psychology or Health & Social Care.

Research Assistants

From time to time, vacancies for interns/research assistants arise within the lab.  This is an incredibly valuable opportunity not only to see first hand what goes in in a professional research laboratory, but to learn how to do it for yourself.  Research assistants are involved in all aspects of the research, from initial study design through data collection and analysis, to the final write-up.  Research assistants who make a significant contribution to a project are also invited to be co-authors of any resultant publications.  An opportunity such as this enables you to learn many new skills, including some highly specialised, and looks very impressive on your CV.


Bachelor of Interior Program Telkom University August 15, 2021 Reply

how to join this research?

Simon Durrant September 16, 2021

Thanks for your interest. Please check our Opportunities page for current projects in which you could participate. Mostly these are local to Lincoln, but occasionally we also run online studies for a global participation.

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