On this page we list projects that are currently running.  If you are interested in any of them, please get in touch with the researcher concerned, and also have a look at the Participant FAQs.  Alternatively, if the study is open to online participation (such as a survey), feel free to dive right in!

New Mothers and Young Infants’ Sleep Quality (lab study)


Are you an expecting new mother?  Do you have concerns about how you might sleep once your baby is born?  Do you wonder if this will affect your baby?  We will shortly be starting a new study investigating this.  The study will involve sleeping in the Lincoln Sleep and Cognition Laboratory together with your baby, who will sleep in a travel cot in the same room as you.  We will monitor your sleep and ask you to complete some short questionnaires and interact with your baby in the morning for a few minutes.  This is a pioneering study aimed at helping us understand the role of sleep in interactions between new mothers and infants, with the focus on infants under two months old.  We will pay you a small honorarium for your time and give you some vouchers for baby shops for your time.

Please e-mail Professor Alina Rodriguez at for more information or to arrange a meeting.

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